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July 4, 2011

I appreciate the meet up with Eileen today.

The mutual understanding.

The honesty.

The quick wit and kindred spirit.

Thank you, it’s good for the soul πŸ™‚


For you :)

July 28, 2010

Song for a friend,

“If ever there is tomorrow when we’re not together.. there is something you must always remember. you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think. but the most important thing is, even if we’re apart.. i’ll always be with you.” Winnie the Pooh quote

The view from 13th storey

May 24, 2010

Up on the 13th storey of the new office building,

I took a breather at the open terrace.

I chance upon the starry night sky, beautiful.

And I thought of you, how good to have you here too, to enjoy this beautiful night.

The one whom I always say, I will follow the stars to find you.

And I always do.


This is she

December 30, 2009

She forgot to bring the card for me, (which is really the reason why I wana meet her, coz I want to get the card)

She set aside the whole of today for me coz when she starts her new job such days are hard to come by.

At one point, I wondered what is there for us to do for the entire day, but time seems to fly pass as we spent time eating, shopping and…looking for the perfect lip colour. Going from counters to counters, I soon learnt the different characteristics of lipsticks from different brands, what’s good and what never to touch. I learn too, the proper way to swipe the lipstick on one’s lip. Something no one really taught me growing up. It was indeed a heartening experience when we finally seal the deal on THE perfect lipstick. And I am glad I am part of this “laborious” process.

When we settled at starbucks (because I will feel incomplete if I don’t end my night this way), we sat side my side and she listened to the things I don’t quite understand, pointed out the principles that I missed out. What are my fault and what ain’t. It helped me to understand why she did what she did.Β 

On a piece of starbucks serviette, she explore Β with me the ways that I can earn money for my fees. It felt uncomfortable to be forced out of my comfort zone, but I am glad, we did it.Β 

On our ride home, she tries to brainstorm ways to help my situation.Β 

At the end of the day, as I look back, I am hearten to have a friend who really cares about what’s best for me.

This is she, a friend, a devil’s advocate (always asking me questions that makes me uncomfortable), a sister.

I’m glad I can close 2009 with her (since will be working the whole of 31st).

She is definitely not perfect, a little irritating at times, but,

Thank God for such a beautiful soul πŸ™‚

The note that made my day

December 18, 2009

In the midst of fretting over my future, stressing over the to do list, this purple note at the corner of my dashboard caught my eye. I don’t know when you leave it but…

Thank you friend coz your note really made my day πŸ™‚