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The accidental artist

October 1, 2011


I am an artist, I love to draw.

I can come out with something out of nothing.

I draw conclusions.

– Judgmental


Fustration to Solution

February 2, 2011

Recently, my bunny, affectionately known as Puipui (Fat Fat), had been very angsty. She would prance around the room, shredding all kinds of paper products, snipping any wires. Nothing pacifies her, not the extra space that I have given her, the variety of food or the chew toy I have purchased for her. She would at times chase me around the room, attempting to bite/nibble/lick me. There was once I even need to hop up a chair. Did I mention she snorts at me too? I was like Hey, you don’t have to be so mean.

And so, I thought she hates me.

I came very close to giving up on her because I don’t think I deserve such treatment when I spend almost 50 bucks on her monthly maintenance and cleaning up her poo and pee. But me, being me, does not give up on living things that easily. Hahs. A search on the internet had me realized, my rabbit is suffering from “Sexual Frustration”

All the bites and nibbles are just expression of frustration. And so she don’t hate me

My solution?

Get her to be sprayed. I am sorry to deprive my bunny of her sexual pleasures. But I am not ready for a bunny family, so she has to embrace singlehood with me 🙂

Lesson that I learnt?

Don’t take circumstances personally, don’t take yourself so seriously.

Beneath each frustration, lies the root of the problem, where solution waits, tapping it’s feet.

Don’t just dwell in frustration, work out a solution 🙂

To my utter horror, she slurped a rubber band recently. I was really horrified, the last thing I want is a dead bunny choked on rubber band. Well, she survived the rubber band, and is still aggressive and pyscho. Hence I shall practice the advice from House Rabbit Society,

“One of the key lessons that House Rabbit Society members have learned is that affection works wonders on psycho bunnies. Try acting like he’s the greatest thing that ever happened in your life, despite the bandages on your hand and the boots on your feet. Give him a big hello when you see him. Greet his every act of aggression with good humor too. When he charges your arm, say “why hello, you little pumpkin!” while calmly removing your arm from his reach. If he growls and thumps, say, “yes, you’re a BIG rabbit –I love that about you!” If he streaks across the room with murder in his eyes, simply say, “hey buddy, are you coming to see me?””

Work in Progress

August 22, 2010

This blog is not dead, simply work in progress 🙂

There’s much that I wana share, let me organize first.

Birthday, funeral, life lessons, and shoutouts to all the awesome people.

Sieves and filter papers

February 7, 2010

Prayers are like sieves, it filters our thoughts refining them.

The Bible is like filter papers, filters what the sieves fails to filter. 

Prayers with sound knowledge of the bible, ensures the purest result.

Amused upon retrospect

December 27, 2009

I amuse myself sometimes.

Here’s a snippet of my sms conversation with Eileen Seah earlier today.

E- Eileen M-Me

E: Do you know of any neighbourhood pet shops?

M: Which neighbourhood and what pet are you referring to? (At the back of my mind, I’m drawing a list of possible locations for various pets)

E: I want to get hamsters

M: SR central got one pet shop…dunno got anot…but bishan got hamsters, tpy also got hamsters. Bishan got hamsters at J8 and also the market near cath high

Looking back, I am utterly amused at how vividly I am able to locate where to find hamsters in her vicinity. LOL~

The 10,000 hours rule

December 25, 2009

” 10,000 hours of practice is required to achieve the level of mastery associated with being a world class expert – in anything” Daniel Levitin

Malcolm Galdwell in his book, the Outliers, pointed out that 10,000 hours seems to be the key for success. Making observations of rockstars, hockey players and musicians, he realized what separates excellent from good lies in the 10,000 hours of practice.

Some simple math


If  I do something consistently for 1 hour a day,365 days a year. I will take 27 years to clock 10,000 hours.

If I do something consistently for 2 hours a day, 365 days a year, I will take 14 years to clock 10,000 hours.

If I do something consistently for 3 hours a day, 365 days a year, I will take 9 years to clock 10,000 hours

Translate the math to my lifestyle

I am not yet 27years old, so like me look at some of the things i have been doing consistenly 2 hours day for the past 14 years of my life.

I have been

  • Eating
  • Entertaining random thoughts
  • Distracted

I reflected upon my life, and realized besides this 3 things, there haven’t been any other activities that I managed to clock in 10,000 hours. Well, though I don’t have a signifiant 10,000 hours behind me, I do have another 10,000 hours ahead of me. It’s time to invest my time on something significant.

The first thing on my list is ….

spiritual discipline!

Soul Food…Yums

November 30, 2009

Stocked up on soul food lately. *Yums* 🙂

Can’t wait to devour them all and get more! 


21 Days

November 6, 2009


There is a saying that we need 21 days to change/form a habit.

There are some habits that I want to change and some other that I want to pick up.

21 days.

The first thing on my list,

quality time with God. 

No matter how close, I must not take the Holy Spirit for granted.

This is the holy list.

1. Quality time with God

2. Exercise

3. Healthy eating

4. Reading and journaling

5. Practicing my guitar, keyboard and vocals!

6. Being Punctual

Seriously, i think if I can do all 6, God will be grinning from ear to ear, and I prolly will not be complaining so much. 

Alrights! 21 DAYS, exciting 21!

Blog worthy

October 17, 2009

I thought I had a blog worthy conversation today.

Today. had a wonderful time with my sheepies, karchian and sharon after CLM.

Realize we spent almost the whole of the second part of Saturday together. Walking from centrepoint to cathay searching for a vacant table in starbucks and finally found one. hahaha!

 Admist the many random conversations we had today, I found this rather amusing. So readers, pls laugh!

Sharon was feeding me some popcorn chicken like things coz my hands are full and this is how our conversation goes…

Sharon: Hey, how can you eat other piece of chicken when you already have one in your mouth!

Me (matter of factly, with pieces of chicken in my mouth) : My mouth haven full yet what…

Seriously, the worse kind of persecution I can ever get is hunger!

I love Food, perhaps that’s why I name my mac muffin, my keyboard waffles and my guitar brownies.

Food makes me happy happy!

Ending my post with this ridiculous post I read from Times

“I was just trying to eat lunch.”

Zachary Christie, a 6 year old cub scout from Newark,Del.,who was given a 45-day suspension for violating a zero-tolerance weapons ban by brining to school a camping utensil equipped with a spoon, fork and knife. After a slew of protests, the suspension was rescinded on Oct,14

Man, I seriously FEEL for him.


September 6, 2009

Albeit a sore gum, saturday svc and clm is really refreshing. Though I can’t pray out verbally, silently seeking God is quite an experience too. 🙂


Met up with Eileen Seah and talk about many things over tofu cheesecake since I cant really bite. Hehs. But then again I am still marvelling at how I manage to eat 1 1/2 prata and a curry chicken prior to meeting Eileen. I guess I was really hungry and can’t be stopped. Anyway, it’s nice to find the quaint little table for 2 in Caramel , it was away from the buzzing crowd within the cafe, how nice!

As we took turns to update about our life, I was pretty amazed that gum cease to sore as much and I can really talk fine (however the sore has return at point of blogging). Well, I really enjoyed my time with her, hearing her speak about her ministry and whatnots. It heartens me that she is so kingdom minded now 🙂 Also refreshed to have her probe my thoughts and make me think in other perspectives. Glad for this random meet up 🙂

Ending this post with interesting conversation as we past by the art museum.











Me: Hmm… Art buffet…art buffet… so… it is arts? or buffet? Like alot of art? or alot of food? hmm….

E: It’s alot of Arts.

Me: Wooo…. aiya, nowadays our art musuem got alot of cafes what…

E: Only Singaporeans will be like that…