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September 6, 2009

Albeit a sore gum, saturday svc and clm is really refreshing. Though I can’t pray out verbally, silently seeking God is quite an experience too. 🙂


Met up with Eileen Seah and talk about many things over tofu cheesecake since I cant really bite. Hehs. But then again I am still marvelling at how I manage to eat 1 1/2 prata and a curry chicken prior to meeting Eileen. I guess I was really hungry and can’t be stopped. Anyway, it’s nice to find the quaint little table for 2 in Caramel , it was away from the buzzing crowd within the cafe, how nice!

As we took turns to update about our life, I was pretty amazed that gum cease to sore as much and I can really talk fine (however the sore has return at point of blogging). Well, I really enjoyed my time with her, hearing her speak about her ministry and whatnots. It heartens me that she is so kingdom minded now 🙂 Also refreshed to have her probe my thoughts and make me think in other perspectives. Glad for this random meet up 🙂

Ending this post with interesting conversation as we past by the art museum.











Me: Hmm… Art buffet…art buffet… so… it is arts? or buffet? Like alot of art? or alot of food? hmm….

E: It’s alot of Arts.

Me: Wooo…. aiya, nowadays our art musuem got alot of cafes what…

E: Only Singaporeans will be like that…