Remote Control

October 11, 2012

For the past 2 months I thought I had a a faulty remote control.

It started when the TV remote control stopped working and I assumed it’s time to change the batteries.

I purchased a pair of 70 cents Sony battery from a Value Shop and thought that will helped end the days of manually switching channels on the TV. To my dismay, that did not work out too well. The tv remote control still need not work.

Hence begun my 2 months of walking back n forth to switch channels on the TV. There was that one week where I realized my sister just purchased a new Toshiba TV and out of my brillance took the remote control without her knowing. Till she discovered, and I went back to manually operating the television.

Last night, I visited Ikea, and it dawn upon me, why don’t I try getting this pack of batteries and give the remote control one last chance?

Indeed, the tv remote control sprung back to life. I could finally remotely control the tv from the comfort of my bed. Hurray.


The problem is not with the remote control. The problem is with the cheapo batteries that does not have enough power to power the remote control.

Am I using the right batteries to power my life?


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