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January 30, 2011

What makes mentoring beautiful  is that it’s deeply personal.

An one on one exchange.

Mentors, let’s not bore our disciples with things they already know.

Insights are merely common sense, the tip of the iceberg in mentoring.

The real deal, are the stories that we share.

Our disciples can’t move, till we make the first move.





January 1, 2011

I waked and packed. The stacks of stuff that accumulated over the festive weekends.

My room has been an organized chaos, one I often thought poignantly reflects my life, really.

My room, mirrors my life.

For the record, I don’t own it, I kinda share with my bro, but with me having a greater control over it, yet not quite enough for him to not mess up.

For the longest, I had been having a perpetual frustration to pack the room, some days I scribbled notes on the notepads, various way to pack the different things.

Didn’t quite work. Perhaps to an extent, it looks relatively neat, but really there is still quite abit of mess.

I never seem to quite make up my mind, what to keep, what to throw, and how to place the things.

And so I woke up today, with this great urge to pack. I packed all Christmas cards into a brown paper bag, and labeled it “Christmas 2010”. I want life to be organized, including my cards. And I packed somemore, folding paper bags, plastic bags putting them together. Sorting out that various stacks of paper and bills.

I realize one reason why I had not been successful in packing, is really coz I don’t know how, and that perfectionist in me just hate it to screw up. And so I wasted time, devising ways to go about. But perfection never comes, it never will. What I learn is that with time we learn, what are the things that we need and the things that we don’t. And heck these are just things, if I don’t need I can just throw, there is not need to develop any form of attachment towards these non livings things.

I’m glad I start somewhere, I’m doing something. Bit by bit, one day, I will see this room, the way I really want it.

I don’t have full control to what goes on in life, sometimes I mess it up, sometimes people mess it up, still I have every power to clear it up.

2011 gonna rock, I am packing 🙂