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Lessons from 7 year olds

October 21, 2010

Recently I get to teach a couple of 7 year old kids.

A common trait that I realized is that, whenever they encounter a question that they don’t know how to do, they tend to

1. Dream, drift off

2. Talk alot, distracted

It’s conflict avoidance at it’s simplest and purest.

Never, had they asked for help, till i prompt, “you need help?” Then reluctantly, they will say, yes.

Thereafter when they figure it out, they will break into a smile and you see them focus and on task.


I begin to ponder, what is my take on the questions that I don’t know how to solve.



October 19, 2010

There are some situations that are sometimes beyond one’s control, hence waiting becomes an imperative.

Waiting, for new to come

Waiting for wrong to fade.

In between I keep myself busy, purposefully busy, as I wait for the right.

Dreams are what you wake up from

October 12, 2010

You ask yourself, this is so good, surely it can’t be real.

The dawn that awakens your heart a blissful smile.

The dusk that tucks you to bed a cosy heart.

A gentle kiss the touch of mist.


Till dawn arrives, this time a blazing sun.

Dusk falls in, a cold cold heart.

You wake from an ache, your heart aches,

to realize,

dreams are what you wake up from.


Live for the moment

October 12, 2010

Live for the moment, prepare for forever


A baffling thought that dawn upon me lately, a 10 year old’s decision will make a defining impact on a 20 year old life, a 20 year old’s mistake might lead to the failure of a 30 year old.

That is us. The decisions that we make now, have a defining impact on our future.

Hence, we ought to live for the moment, live each day to it’s fullest, and live each day preparing for our future.

Who I want to be when I am 30 years old, I am already preparing now.

Every moment, I ought to walk with the Spirit closely, lest I get off tangent.

“In his heart a man plans his course, but the LORD determines his steps.” Proverbs 16:9

To obey God is not to sit and wait, rather we ought to plan our course, and allow God to refine our steps.

Obedience is never passive.

Beyond the noble call

October 3, 2010

The sound of noble call is one that stirs people’s heart.

It inspires generation of people of great diversity to unite and work towards changes – revolution we may call.

It causes individuals to change lifestyle habits, and even attitudes, because there is a greater cause to fight for.

“Win the youths of today, change the world tomorrow”

“Serve the underserved”

“Fight for the underdogs”

And so I pondered, how many Christians got lost in the noble call?

They are familiar with the calling but foreign to the caller.

I’m one who feels a great tad towards, political injustice, social inequality, poverty and the list goes on.

I feel for the youths who need guidance so that they can grow to become successful.

However, a voice in me reminded me that the church is not just a place for my humanitarian ambitions.

My point is, there are things we will do with or without God.

So what’s the difference when we have God in the picture?

Are we using God to fulfil our ambitions?

And perhaps, that’s why the many jaded souls, when the “noble call” fails to deliver.

At the end of yesterday’s svc, my conclusion is clear, that,

What keeps me a christian and in church is not about what I can do in church and through the church.

It’s not about what the church can do to me or through me.

But what keeps me deadly loyal,

is the very fact, that being a Christian connects me to my maker, my original designer.

I have always love this line from Hillsongs’s greatness of our God,

“Spend my life to know, I’m far from close to all you are, the greatness of our God.”

It’s one thing to serve God.

It’s another to know God.

When you serve a God, you do not know, you serve accordingly to your limited knowledge, limited paradigm.

When you serve a God, whom you know well, you know you are able to do all things through the Lord who strengthens you.

By all things in would mean, challenging the toughest comfort zone, with a Godly attitude.

Delta goodrem is goodness

October 1, 2010

Delta Goodrem is a gem that I grew up listening to during my High School years. Her first song that made took notice of her 🙂

Delta Goodrem, I was born to try it 🙂

A very fine talent, good singer.