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When you marry good music with good moves

September 30, 2010

You have it all, Music, words, body language.

So beautiful.

Lyrics below…

Six thoughts at once I can’t focus on one
Seven days a week but my life has just begun
So caught in emotion and I’m overcome
As I’m falling down I come undone

Sometimes I feel like I’m alone
Sometimes I feel like I’m not that strong
Sometimes I feel so frail so small
Sometimes I feel vulnerable
Sometimes I feel a little fragile
A little fragile

In six thousand years what will this mean
Words from the heart or a melody
So caught in emotion and I’m overcome
As I’m falling down I come undone

Sometimes I feel like I’m alone
Sometimes I feel like I’m not that strong
Sometimes I feel nothing at all
Sometimes I feel vulnerable
Sometimes I feel a little fragile
A little fragile

If people can see right through my eyes
Like an open door that I can’t disguise
I won’t be afraid from the tears I cry
I’ll not run I’ll not hide this is how I feel inside
A little fragile
A little fragile

Sometimes I feel like I’m alone
Sometimes I feel like I’m not that strong
Sometimes I feel so frail so small
Sometimes I feel vulnerable
Sometimes I feel a little fragile


Compartmentalizing the Peripherals

September 28, 2010

Nothing to prove is a state of deep security in God

Nothing to lose is a state of absolute surrender to God

Nothing to hide is a state of true integrity before God – Mentoring Paradigms, Edmund Chan

Some years ago, these were the words that struck me. They become principles that I want to abide to.

During morning jog today, I pondered about my focus and how my mind had been working lately.

I realized I have a habit of compartmentalizing.

Surely there are days of indulgences in ideals and romantic musings.

However, in the face of reality, the mind begins to compartmentalize the peripherals.

I found joy in the practical work that I am engaging in while I compartmentalize my ideals for future review.

I find myself packing some plans and feelings, keeping them at bay as I took on more assignments.

Still, no matter what I do, the above are principles that I want to work towards. Nothing to prove, nothing to lose, nothing to hide.

Success can be an opium, I don’t want to be caught up in climbing upwards not knowing what I am doing in for.

I never want to lose sight of God.

Self glory, emotions and romances to me are peripherals, the focus is the subject matter, the task at hand.

Simple faith in a complicated world

September 27, 2010

The return to simple faith. Sometimes, faith has become so instinctive, so contemporary, I wondered when was the last time I clasped my hands to pray like that. I talk to God everyday. Every now and then. But when was the last time, I prayed like that.

Being In Love

September 25, 2010

You know you’re in love with somebody when you wake up next to them, comfortable despite your breath smelling like week-old water at the bottom of a vase, when you are terribly excited to see them, to talk to them again, having missed them after all that sleep. You can fall out of bed into the shower and, still comfortable, burp or even fart while trying out various keys in which to sing the theme to a Peter Greenaway movie that you both hated and have never seen. – Simon, Seven Types of Ambiguity

How enigmatic.

Coffee Contemplation

September 24, 2010

I have always loved to contemplate over cups of hot beverages. Hot tea, hot milo, hot coffee. Warmth in the mug is warmth for the heart. 🙂 Stress often has a way to creep into my stomach and cause much unease. Hence nothing brings more immediate comfort then a cup of hot drink. I have a pretty high stress tolerance, however my stomach is weak.

Feeling stressed had been a grave understatement. I watched time ticking away as I reflected upon bad decisions and pondered my next step into uncertainties. Idealism, pragmatism and debts don’t work very well together, I realized.  More than just a feeling, I saw how stress manifested in weakening my physical body. From the unusual bleeding that caught me off guard (thank God it subsided after three days) to my current flu.

Still, my resolve is clear that, should I want to work towards my ideals, I would need to first clear my debts (I need to be responsible to those who had shown me such kindness). Clearing debts would require me to be very pragmatic. Hence a time, has come when I put aside my romantic ideas, and start working hard. I can’t hurry time to past, but I am doing my very best to accumulate my earnings, like a squirrel preparing for winter. I am working very hard now, so that at the right time, I can serve to the best that I can. I am still every bit passionate about investing into young lives, the youth ministry, however circumstances requires me to shift my urgent priorities. I can’t be everywhere doing everything. Still, I very much wants to serve God and his Kingdom. I am understanding seasons, and focusing on what is necessary. It takes security.

I have been taking time to attend more family events and expanding my social circle. Catching up with old friends, chalking up “community living” hours with my family (as how my sis jokingly put). I have appreciated their presence as much as they have appreciated mine. E dropped by my place today and I cooked lunch for us. She say she would love to see me more, well I would love to too.

Step by step, I’m working towards better.

Pondering God’s love

September 21, 2010

I can’t bring myself to love anyone more than I love God coz I cannot find anyone who love me more than God has loved me


Beautiful Song

September 21, 2010

A song that speaks my heart. Sing it like a mantra 🙂

Beholding Your beauty
Is all that I long for
To worship You Jesus
Is my sole desire
For this very heart
You have shaped for be your pleasure
Purposed to lift Your Name higher

Here in surrender
In pure adoration
I enter Your courts
With an offering of praise
I am Your servant
Come to bring You glory
As is fit for the work of Your hands

[Chorus 1:]
Now unto the Lamb
Who sits on the throne
Be glory and honor and praise
All of creation resounds with the song
Worship and praise Him
The Lord of lords

Spirit now living
And dwelling within me
Keep my eyes fixed
Ever on Jesus’ face
Let not the things of this world
Ever sway me
I’ll run ’til I finish the race

[Chorus 2:]
Now unto the Lamb
Who sits on the throne
Be glory and honor and praise
All of eternity echoes the song
Worship and praise Him
The Lord of lords

Holy Lord
You are holy
Jesus Christ
Is the Lord

Me: I will choose to love God above other things
E: That should not be hard for you 🙂
Yes, loving God should not be hard, coz that’s what we are made for. I want to live according to the master plan and not settle for second best.

Seven Types of Ambiguity

September 17, 2010

One sleepless night, I decide to revisit an old book,  “Seven types of Ambiguity”.

“Seven types of Ambiguity ” was first published by William Empson. Elliot Perlman takes the title of this book and wrote a compelling story of man and his perplexing world. The book is written through the perspectives intersperse among various characters.

William Empson is the intellectual hero of the book’s protagonist, who named his dog after him.

Should time allow, I may do a breakdown of the story, a perplexing one 🙂 However for now, I would just share William Empson’s Seven Types of Ambiguity.

  1. The first type of ambiguity is the metaphor, that is, when two things are said to be alike which have different properties. This concept is similar to that of metaphysical conceit.
  2. Two or more meanings are resolved into one. Empson characterizes this as using two different metaphors at once.
  3. Two ideas that are connected through context can be given in one word simultaneously.
  4. Two or more meanings that do not agree but combine to make clear a complicated state of mind in the author.
  5. When the author discovers his idea in the act of writing. Empson describes a simile that lies halfway between two statements made by the author.
  6. When a statement says nothing and the readers are forced to invent a statement of their own, most likely in conflict with that of the author.
  7. Two words that within context are opposites that expose a fundamental division in the author’s mind.[2]

Ambiguity is by far, one of the most perplexing concept that I have yet to be able to grapple with. Perhaps the masters of ambiguity are the skilled manipulators.


September 16, 2010

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. 1 corinthians 13:4-6

Classic definition.

The Creator of love is the greatest romantic of all

The Theif

September 15, 2010

A beautiful song, that paints the process of falling in love.

Your eyes are full
Full of the future of us
The air changes as you look across
At me in that wondering way

It is as if
I knew you before we spoke
Do our hearts know something we don’t?
Conspiring, converging without giving us any say

You, sing me to sleep
Talk down my walls
Look through my windows as I wait
You could be the thief
I give the key to

You’re ruining me
With secrets and gestures and looks
With sonnets from second-hand books
Playing the chords in me nobody knew how to play

It fits in your hand like water in rain
It unlocks our two different selves
And shows we are the same
Rather than wait `til I put me out for the taking
You’re breaking
You’re breaking
You’re breaking into my heart
And I’m letting you