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Beautiful Love

August 30, 2010

Tonight, I pondered about Love.

What is beautiful love?

To love with complete understanding?


To love without complete understanding?

I sat down, and think with God.

I was then reminded, God love his creation with complete understanding. That is perfect love.

Perhaps one that sinful human beings with limited understanding of God and of each other will never achieve.

But I was brought to this.

Perfect Love = Love with complete understanding = Love with incomplete understanding + trust

Whatever I don’t know, I match it up with trust. I believe in you.

I believe in the best of God

I believe in the best of you. 🙂


FĂĽr Elise

August 24, 2010

or For Elise in english

We often know the what, but fail to question the why.

This is a familiar piece by Beethoven.

Its formal title is “Bagatelle No. 25 in A minor (WoO 59 and Bia 515) for solo piano”

This piece is discovered by Ludwig Nohl

No one know who Elise is, one said that Ludwig may have transcribed the title incorrectly and the original work may have been named “FĂĽr Therese”, a reference to Therese Malfatti von Rohrenbach zu Dezza (1792–1851), a friend and student of Beethoven’s to whom he proposed in 1810. However she turned him down to marry the Austrian nobleman and state official Wilhelm von DroĂźdik in 1816.

Another study suggested that it could be for a german soprano singer Elisabeth Röckel (1793–1883), the later wife of Johann Nepomuk Hummel.

She is called Elise in vienna. A close friend of Beethoven.

To me, this piece is the sound of a gleeful love lost.

I would believe Beethoven to be a fine gentleman.

Work in Progress

August 22, 2010

This blog is not dead, simply work in progress 🙂

There’s much that I wana share, let me organize first.

Birthday, funeral, life lessons, and shoutouts to all the awesome people.

Mornings with SATC

August 6, 2010

I like to start my mornings with good music, the sex and the city soundtrack has been one of my all time fav. Here’s a track that I often kick start brilliant mornings with 🙂