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We need more of this

September 19, 2009

We need more of such ads.

Who say sex sells?

We need more brains less… whatever Bs you can think of…hahhaa


Time after Time

September 16, 2009



Suitcases are quaint things that holds our belongings.

Their hardy leather covers shelters our dear things.

Suitcases of memories…

Listening to Eva Cassidy’s time after time, enjoying the air of sweet nostalgia ~

I heart Ruiz

September 15, 2009











Today, I finally receive a very belated birthday gift. A pretty special one that is “delicately selected” from down under.

Upon opening the box, I know this gift is worth the wait.

It heartens me, not because they are nice, but because they symbolise a rather unique friendship.

Today, we had DTF, yummy macroons and sat side by side.

Different friendship plays different roles in my life, and I cherished each and everyone of them.

This one, is like a sister. 

We fought, we bicker, we annoy each other then we make peace.

But I know that even in times that we fought, we have prayed for each other.

Feeling so blessed tonight 🙂

Thank you God for being our best friend so that we can learn to be better friends 🙂

Hammy Chong rocks my socks! hur hur

A glimpse of Heaven; Artist Manifesto

September 13, 2009

Last sat, Qian Jing shared a clip from the Colour’s Conference.

The word that I caught is “A glimpse of Heaven”

I had always believe in the power of Arts to glorify God. But I think I finally found the key word to this vision, that is a “glimpse of Heaven”, I believe that through Arts (songs, media, dance, etc..), artist paints a glimpse of heaven for the rest of the world to see. It’s not just man-made mind blowing effects, but a deeply anointed and spiritual experience. 

Till now, the clip still send chills down my spine. 

No more lazing around! Through prayer and diligence in improving my skills, I want to nurture the seeds that God has place in my heart. I want to know God, know him well, so that I can paint a glimpse of his heaven to the broken and cynical. I want to “put God in their faces.” With outrageous faith and diligent hands, I want to be God’s artist.

Tonight, God place in my heart an Artist Manifesto.

With singing, dancing, music and imagery,
we concoct bits of his glory.
A glimpse into his infinite beauty.

We write songs, lyrics and melodies.
We compose concerto, notes and chords.
We paint pictures, beauty and imagery.

We are God’s artist.
Wholly committed to his heartbeat.

It’s not about me, but all about him.

    Sing to the LORD a new song; 
       sing to the LORD, all the earth. Psalm 96:1


September 6, 2009

Albeit a sore gum, saturday svc and clm is really refreshing. Though I can’t pray out verbally, silently seeking God is quite an experience too. 🙂


Met up with Eileen Seah and talk about many things over tofu cheesecake since I cant really bite. Hehs. But then again I am still marvelling at how I manage to eat 1 1/2 prata and a curry chicken prior to meeting Eileen. I guess I was really hungry and can’t be stopped. Anyway, it’s nice to find the quaint little table for 2 in Caramel , it was away from the buzzing crowd within the cafe, how nice!

As we took turns to update about our life, I was pretty amazed that gum cease to sore as much and I can really talk fine (however the sore has return at point of blogging). Well, I really enjoyed my time with her, hearing her speak about her ministry and whatnots. It heartens me that she is so kingdom minded now 🙂 Also refreshed to have her probe my thoughts and make me think in other perspectives. Glad for this random meet up 🙂

Ending this post with interesting conversation as we past by the art museum.











Me: Hmm… Art buffet…art buffet… so… it is arts? or buffet? Like alot of art? or alot of food? hmm….

E: It’s alot of Arts.

Me: Wooo…. aiya, nowadays our art musuem got alot of cafes what…

E: Only Singaporeans will be like that…