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Summer break

May 14, 2009



Simply because….

May 3, 2009

Simply because of the grace and mercy that has been extended for us, we have no basis to question why is this world unfair.

Is there a time when you feel that you don’t deserve certain things in your life?
-being taken advantaged of…
-being betrayed…
-being gossiped…
-being taken for granted
by others


Are there times when you..
-take advantage…
-take for granted
of others?

For Christians, are there times when we choose to do things that don’t please God, yet he still bless us despite our faults.

Hence, when one questioned me if I felt used at times.
I replied yes. But that is not a basis for me to “take revenge”, I just want to be faithful and bless. Not because I am noble, I am FAR from it, but I think it is something I have to do because I have a God who is constantly covering me for my faults and it’s only right for me to pay it forward.

Moreover, bearing grudges is seriously BAD for health.

I know it’s hard to let go.
But take heart friend, you are not alone!

Ending off on a lighter note…
I really love the picture below, it’s so classic!

I heart shirls =)

What a friend

May 2, 2009

Eileen seah never fails to hearten me in so many ways.

Not to mention the awesome krispy cremes. =)

Thank God for friends through thick and thin.

It’s  awesome to have you spur me on in my walk with God!

Manalos. Balenciagas. Chanel Napkins ~